History & Philosophy


At the end of the 90’s, a group of parties, including RAZOB and NRE, developed a number of technologies and working methods to process organic waste flows and manure into high-quality soil improvement substances and organic fertilizers in an ecologically justifiable way.

This has lead to patents being awarded in 2001 and the establishment of Orgaplus BV.

From 2002, ORGAplus BV aimed mainly at for instance product development, scientifically oriented research and the testing of its products in practice in particular.

In 2003, far reaching cooperation also originated between SoFeAdCo BV, for whom ORGAplus produces the organic manure ORGANOBLEN® on assignment.

In 2006, this cooperation was expanded further and the two companies merged, resulting in the establishment of an entirely new company:


ORGAplus International BV


In order to comply with the increased demand and quality standards, an entirely new production facility is currently under construction in the Netherlands, which is particularly low in emissions and therefore environmentally friendly, and it belongs to the most up-to-date in Europe!



ORGAplus® natural fertilizer granules are the answer for the environmentally friendly and ecological fertilization of your garden.

The unique patented process by ORGAplus® makes it possible to produce a perfect nutrient for plants and soil in a responsible way.

ORGAplus ® is a first-class quality product. Furthermore, ORGAplus® also values an environmental friendly production process. Thus, no waste flows will for example develop, and therefore the environment will not be burdened unnecessary.


This philosophy was turned into a mission statement by ORGAplus® :



”We believe in a sustainable approach where organic raw materials will be used in a transparent production process to thus link the circle of minerals into a symbioses between micro-organisms, soil and crops in order to ensure a balance between ecology, economy and society.”