Over ORGAplus

ORGAplus natural fertilizer granules are the answer for the environmentally friendly and ecological fertilization of your garden. 

The uniquely patented process by ORGAplus makes it possible to produce a perfect nutrient for plants and soil in a responsible way.

ORGAplus is a first-class quality product. Furthermore, ORGAplus also values an environmental friendly production process. Thus no waste flows will for example develop, and therefore the environment will not be burdened unnecessary.

This philosophy was turned into a mission statement by ORGAplus:

”We believe in a sustainable approach where organic raw materials will be used in a transparent production process to thus link the circle of minerals into a symbiosis between micro-organisms, soil and crops in order to ensure a balance between ecology, economy and society.”

ORGAplus and the USA

It's ORGAplus intention to establish an ORGAplus plant in the near future in the USA, together with American Partners. Are you seriously interested in an partnership with ORGAplus? Please send an email to office@orgaplus.eu for further information.